Settling into the Dome

It’s been a while since I last posted anything, busy times getting settled in the cottage. I keep rearranging things to find a best fit, every time I unpack something. I have most of the furniture ready. The router’s wi-fi signal doesn’t reach as far as the desk, but I can usually get connected at the front door on my netbook. It does keep me busy on other things since that’s not very convenient. We are working on a better connection.

As expected, now that I’m living here, I am finding things I would like to change, some right now and some later. Since I am planning to build another as my permanent home, this is my learning place. Some of the changes I am making here are minor but improve things a lot. For example, the headboard made the bed too long to fit on the one wall and still allow a decent passage alongside the bed. By rotating one corner, I have sufficient space to pass and have a good space behind the headboard for hiding/storing my yarn stash and other craft supplies.

More stuff stuffed into the living room.

More stuff stuffed into the living room.

I bought a small crystal chandelier for the dining room to give a little glitz to the place. I also found a light to go over the front door with matching crystals. Above the couch is a three light sconce with small crystals that add just enough sparkle to the front room. I do have other lighting fixtures in the kitchen, using LED lights for a lot of brightness. No floor lamps or table lamps to save space. Of course for my craft work I have a couple of magnifiers with lights, but those can be moved to where I am working.

kitchen and dining room nearly done

kitchen and dining room nearly done

A few days ago I met a couple who were outside looking at my home, not realizing (landscaping has not yet happened) that it was occupied. It is the couple the building inspector told us about who had stopped by the office to see if a geodesic dome would be allowed in the county. The inspectors were surprised to see a set of plans for a second one so soon after I started mine. The couple is living near Asheville and bought property a little north of Seneca, planning to build when they sell their current home. I got to show it off without having to explain the dome thing.


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One response to “Settling into the Dome”

  1. Myrle Diefendorf says :

    Wow, you have finally got it almost done! Congrats!

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