Not Quite Ready

The inspector found half a dozen small items, two for the electrician, so I expect it will be approved for occupancy next week. For now, the crew loaded the heavy boxes of furniture into the cottage and I will work on assembling it. They did the sofabed frame and I opened the mattress to ‘fluff’ and air it. They put in the washer, dryer and refrigerator. I want to test things, so I plan to run a load of wash and to run my dishes through the dishwasher before I store them in the cupboards. There is a lot to do before I really would have a comfortable occupancy. I plan to put down one more coat of acrylic sealer in the living room/kitchen. It got a little scratched moving in the appliances, and it is a high traffic area. It can have the weekend to dry thoroughly.

My living room will be very tight. I am glad I did not try hard to find a coffee table, as it would not fit well. As you can see in the picture, the armless chair I have will be cozy.

living room with sofa

We had a very heavy rain last night and expect another day of rain on tomorrow, so there will be a lot of floor mopping for a while, until traffic slows down. I need a couple of good doormats, for both inside and outside the doors. If the budget holds out, I hope to get a load of crushed stone for the driveway soon. As the ground around the building dries, I plan to rake the concrete chunks that dripped during construction, around the perimeter before shoveling dirt nearby. I will have a buffer of gravel on top, but it might take me a while to work all the way around the house, so a few feet at a time.

I am disappointed that I won’t move in this weekend, but I am so tired just from moving stuff, hardly unpacked anything, and didn’t get much swept to prepare for the floor sealer. It will be better for me to have this time to work on preparations.


One response to “Not Quite Ready”

  1. Myrle Diefendorf says :

    It’s coming. Keep up the good work. Come see us this weekend if you want a break. The flowers are pretty. Myrle

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