Closer still…

The plumbers have finished the water connections, my foreman spoke to the county inspector, and that is all that needs to be completed before our final inspection for occupancy. I took the energy report to Building Codes office and they scheduled the final inspection for Thursday. The crew sealed the floor today with a high gloss finish with an anti-skid additive, which should make it safe and low-maintenance – a quick duster over it most days. It looks good. There are some interesting imprints in the concrete from last fall’s pour of the slab when leaves blew onto it.

shining floor

shining floor

I will be assembling more furniture. Since the crew cleared out the big shed, I have room to assemble there, and it won’t be far to move the stuff. Over the years I’ve put together a lot of shelves and other furniture, a large computer armoire was the hardest, but the bed frame may top that. I have 12 drawers in it. I won’t decide on the headboard until the bed frame in the room, as I cannot tell just how much passing space I’ll have at the one corner. I hope it works with it.

I have the old family camping picnic table, which separates into two benches. It will be my front patio furniture for now. Later I will find a table and chairs with an umbrella, since there are no trees to shade the front until late afternoon. For the back patio, I would like an arbor so I can plant a vine for shade and privacy screening. I am thinking about getting a tub/trough in which I can plant bamboo outside the bathroom window. I don’t want to take chances with a possible invasive variety, but it would make a nice screen from the road, and rapidly. I enjoyed just sitting on the patio late this afternoon, good weather for it, and I just relaxed and enjoyed the view. Lots of birds, some large bumblebees hovering, wildflowers in bloom. There’s a lovely strip of blue-eyed grass in the meadow.

blue eyed grass in meadow

blue eyed grass

One other item we are getting is a roof for the riding mower, by using scrap wood for a lean-to. It will have metal roofing over the wood, and the whole shed will be re-roofed in the next couple of years. Things are about ready for us at Soul’s Ease.

lean-to in progress, for mower protection

lawn mower carport in progress


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