Kitchen cabinets are all installed

cabinets, sink and counter

cabinets, sink and counter

The kitchen counter top with sink was installed this past week. It looks and is small, but I also have an island for work space. Plumbers have to connect the sink, dishwasher, bathroom and laundry items this week. The electrician also needs to connect the water heater that was installed, and we should be ready for the final inspections. That doesn’t quite mean it is moving day, though, as there are quite a few little finishing items. A large item now has to be staining the floor. I have finally switched my choice from epoxy paint, which would need a top coat of acrylic anyway, to a semi-transparent acrylic stain. I saw an online photo (, which has some really great pictures and ideas) of a warm wooden floor with cool gray and white decor, and I liked it a lot. I will be using a rich golden stain with reddish accents. It should help hide any tracked in mud, too. Until the grass grows much, I’m afraid I’ll be bringing in footprints – slippers will be kept beside the door for me.

My foreman caught a nasty bug while visiting relatives, so we started late last week. The first couple of days we did cleanup in the gorgeous spring weather. The outside construction debris is nearly sorted (we are keeping wood and large wire mesh chunks) and bagged for the dump. We are in the country and haul our own trash and recycles to the station, but it is not far from the house. We will have multiple full pickup loads. Inside the dome, the dried red clay was vacuumed, but not scrubbed. The upper kitchen cabinets have been installed. The vinyl boards have been installed in the shower. I am economizing on this for now, as I want tile when my budget allows, and this will be easy to remove. It looks great, a nubby finish much like the plaster walls. I also have a fold-down stainless laundry rack hanging in the shower, since there is really no place for a clothesline. Trim items have been added to some openings – looking more polished.

19 gallon water heater

19 gallon water heater

Rained Thursday, and I hope it is the final check for seepage around the bottom edge. I am planning to add gravel around the perimeter to keep the mud away from the house, and it should allow the slab to air out a bit. It is always a good idea for foundation plants to be at least a couple feet away, to allow sufficient growth space, anyway.



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