Back Early and Safe

What a day! I had planned to spend today priming and painting the second bedroom on Roanoke. I came in to Roanoke knowing rainy weather was on the way for Monday, and I was staying aware. The forecast changed to snow, 2 to 4 inches, and I still thought that would be okay. I was out to McD’s for breakfast and wi-fi and watched the big wet flakes coming down, not too bad. By noon it was starting to stick to the road and still saying 2 to 4 more inches, plus continuing into Tuesday, with a large band coming across TN. I decided to leave early and head straight south, figuring they usually keep Rt 220 cleared and I’d be out of the snow fairly soon. Unfortunately I had just started a load of laundry and had to wait for that, besides pack the car. It was really bad when I finally left, slipping down my narrow driveway between the concrete walls – no scraping, though. The main roads were not cleared, but I figured I’d be okay – it got worse, was not even plowed on rt 220, and someone got stuck and blocked traffic for a while, then I almost got stuck in the same spot as I tried to get momentum going up the hill. Wished I’d had the 4×4. It took nearly 2 hours to drive 60 miles out of the snow and icy rain, but after that, I had no problems. I am very glad to be back in warmer Seneca.

near Tanglewood Mall

along Franklin Rd near Tanglewood Mall

on rt220 just so of Tanglewood

on Rt 220 just past Tanglewood

half an hour later and still in Roanoke Co

Still in Roanoke County on Rt 220. Everyone is staying in one set of tracks.

fifty miles and over an hour later

Finally out of freezing stuff near Martinsville. Quite a difference a short distance south.



One response to “Back Early and Safe”

  1. Phyllis says :

    You left during the worst of it. I was driving home about that same time & saw 3 cars in the ditch along Garst Mill Road. It looks better this morning, but I haven’t driven in it yet.

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