Patios, etc.

Tuesday was busy. The man from the counter top company came out to measure, arriving almost the same time as the men arrived to start preparing the patios. He was able to finish his work fast. Now it’ll be two weeks before it will be installed.

moving sand and priming exterior

moving sand and priming exterior

The same team who did the original slab for the house did the patios. They are fast and good, a team of two brothers.

back patio form

back patio form

Our painter on the crew was able to finish nearly all of the primer coat on the outside of the dome. There is a small amount of concrete work needed under the entryway overhangs, then prime it and paint the whole exterior. I have selected a light blue with cream trim. On the inside, he completed the woodwork and doors.

My foreman will be away for a short vacation, and I will be gone for a shorter while, but we are going to keep one of the crew busy for the next week and a half. The debris outside needs to be sorted – we are keeping any wood for later use, also foam chunks – and the trash we’ll haul to the dump. Other debris and dead vegetation from clearing the edge of the meadow will be burned. We are afraid of mowing until the metal debris is picked up. There is still the bedroom painting with a darker gray, and a start on the exterior paint.

pouring front patio

pouring front patio

The driver who delivered the concrete was quite fascinated with the dome. He toured it before starting to unload, and felt it really had a lot of space. Of course without furniture, it will feel bigger.



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