Painting and Electrical

One of the air conditioner/heater units has been installed. Since we decided early to just put in the type used in many motels, with a reverse cycle for heat, I chose to split between two smaller units. It has been left on for heat a couple of nights and for cooling for the weekend. In spite of showing capacity for 350 square feet, it appears it might be able to handle twice that. I think it is the very well insulated building. The unit is very quiet, both inside and outside. It is even fancy enough to have a remote control. The other unit will go in the front room after construction traffic is lighter. It should allow for very specific heating and cooling in the two sides of the dome, where one unit might leave hot and cold spots.

ac/heating unit at back door

ac/heating unit at back door

The electrician has installed all the outlets, switches, and light fixtures. It is confusing with all the new sizes, shapes, and types of bulbs now on the market. I did avoid any incandescent bulbs, going with more efficient (but expensive) types. I was concerned about the front room being a little dark after morning sun, but these bulbs give plenty of light.

Inside, the main dome has had two coats of paint, the bathroom needs one more, and I decided I wanted the bedroom slightly darker, so the second coat will be tinted a slightly darker gray. It has looked lavender in the afternoon sun, but it won’t be a hard change now. I am still considering the floor finish. After speaking with a salesman about the epoxy paint, it doesn’t look like I really need that strong a surface, as it still needs an acrylic top coat. I am leaning toward a stain that will not show the red dirt so much.

layout for kitchen counters

layout for kitchen counters

The patios will be poured in the next couple of days. I plan to have a 10 foot patio the width of the entryway from the bedroom French doors, enough for a couple of lounge chairs. In the front I’ll have 12 feet, and 3 feet wider than the entryway for a sidewalk at the parking space. This side faces east, and will be a nice breakfast spot in good weather. I did not scratch my initials into the initial slab, but I might be tempted on the patio.

Once the patio is poured, we are taking a break for a week. I will go back to Virginia to pack more and handle what needs to be done around that house. I hope to paint a room or two while I’m there. My foreman needs to visit an ailing relative, so we figured now while waiting (estimated two weeks) for the production of counters is a good time.


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2 responses to “Painting and Electrical”

  1. Myrle Diefendorf says :

    Good luck on your trip, Donna. You have so much to do, I don’t know how it all gets accomplished.

    • donnaw39 says :

      Thanks Myrle. I have had to just put the Roanoke house on hold and out of my thoughts. Today was really busy & I’ll post another soon about it – painting, counter top measurements, and concrete pour for the patios Lots of people around. Tonight Sharon and I went to a talk on beekeeping. I am tired tonight, but not leaving until Thurs.

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