Lots of Finishing Progress

It is hard to show what is happening on my cottage lately. The place is rather small to get a clear photo of things. The crew completed the jigsaw puzzle of triangles of wallboard for the bathroom dome. It was a long and tedious process for them. The building was originally designed as a storage building and was not constructed like the main dome with the board and re-enforced concrete already applied to the foam. Plus, it is small enough that they were almost getting in each other’s way. They completed the board and taping, plus the various closets that have some strange angles – but I’m happy to have storage in any shape.

They have started to do a knock-down finish of plaster on the walls. It will hide any imperfections and give the interior a polished look. They did a demo in my bedroom closet, with a semi-gloss paint. It looks very good, with the shine giving the texture a nice depth. It certainly looks a lot better than the semi-gloss I mistakenly used on the plaster walls in one room in my Virginia home. It showed every wave and lump, which old lathe and plaster walls have in abundance. They have started the primer coat, tinted with a light gray that I plan to use on the interior.

The septic system is completed, connected to the outlet pipe from the dome now that the electrical conduit has been done. We used our next-door neighbor, Brandon Butts, for this work, and are very pleased. With such a good cleanup of dirt, the grass will recover well. It is nice to be able to meet and hire someone locally (Brandon Butts Grading). He and his family moved a couple of years ago, and are also doing some clearing of their property. The far back edge of the meadow is overgrown on our side, and we are gradually clearing, but will leave a buffer of trees so their house has some privacy.

after septic system installed

after septic system installed

Since we had some great weather days, they completed the final coats of concrete on the small bathroom dome and some around the entryways. I know the crew is anxious to finish and take some time off now, and the end is getting near. Once the place is painted, it will be a fast finish for cabinets, appliances, various plumbing and electrical fixtures to be installed. We are planning a concrete pour for the front and back patios, and a load of crushed concrete for the driveway. I have been putting together IKEA furniture, but there are a couple big items that will wait for the end, as there is no room for the platform bed and headboard or the sofabed frame until the cottage is ready for them.

bathroom dome waterproofed

bathroom dome waterproofed

I think my cats are most anxious to go somewhere else, away from dogs. I am starting to see behavior problems which I can hardly complain about after five months cooped up in one (large) room.


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