Wishing for a Dry Spell

The electrical line has been run underground to the cottage. Until the final inspection, only one circuit will be connected – good for testing and to avoid the line run from Sharon’s house. That connection sometimes gives the crew problems. Now the septic line can be completed from the house to the septic tank. I understand they have to put the electrical conduit in first when the two lines cross each other. I am learning all sorts of trivia.

electric line, underground through cottage back yard

electric line, underground through cottage back yard

Another item to learn is how to lay concrete block. Both Sharon and I want to learn, with the eye to future raised planter beds. One inspector talked about his experience learning to lay block from his uncle. It is going to take practice, but I know we will manage. I plan to have a patio at the front of the house with multiple planters all around it, and maybe even a firepit. It will give beauty, a sense of privacy, and still leave entryways on all sides. I can paint the block, and change colors as desired. I plan to start with a light blue house, so will try a dark blue planter. Since the house sits a couple feet lower than the slight hill behind it (the whole property has many tiers built into it) we will have a concrete block retaining wall from the parking pad all along the back of the dome. Of course this will also be painted and planted.

problem swampy part of future driveway

problem swampy part of future driveway

Since the rain has washed down the edge where the retaining wall will be, we will need a little more Bobcat work to move that to the edge of the dome slab, and move the dirt left from the septic system dig to level the area outside the front and back doors for the concrete patio pads. Then a concrete truck to pour the concrete will have to drive in over the poor swampy and rutted yard. After that I think we’ll have to bring in a load of crusher run. We decided that would work quite well for the driveway, since it is permeable and the stones don’t scatter like regular gravel. It is crushed concrete and has worked well on the existing driveway. There’s a lot of sand left from what we ordered to use for mortar. We’ll have that moved to a more convenient location, as I plan to park where it is now.

The crew is almost done with drywall work. The entryways and bathroom have been a challenge. They did not come as foam/concrete/wallboard assembled pieces. The crew has been working a jigsaw puzzle to fit the all the odd angles, but they are very experienced with drywall.

When the electric company crew was digging today, they cut through the French drain pipe and found a lot of water. Also found water in some other parts of the trench they dug. We are just so saturated from all the rain, that water is everywhere. At least we know the French drain is diverting the water around the dome as planned. The outside is such a mess with red clay, but I know the end is getting close and we can put out grass seed soon.

back of cottage, view toward the road and Sharon's house

side of cottage, view toward the road and Sharon’s house



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