Busy Day

Today had a lot of different people onsite. The regular crew did more drywall work, nearly done putting up boards in the main dome. We had a visit from the electric company representative, to see about installing the line from the road. After measuring, the decision was to come underground, falling just in the 150 foot range for no additional charge. It will come through part of Sharon’s woodland garden, but only one plant will need to be moved. That is surprising and good. They’ll be back by the end of the week to do the work.

Also, the crew to install the septic tank system arrived. Since this was a day without rain and the ground had dried a bit since Saturday, it was just the right time before tonight’s storm is due. I feel bad saying this after such a long drought period around here, but I am tired of rain. The man who owns the company lives next door, so I got to meet another neighbor. His son was off school for a holiday and came along to help his dad. He’s going to be a very responsible kid, and a big help as he gets bigger (just 5 years old now).

installing the septic tank

installing the septic tank

After the area was ready, the inspector from the health stopped by and approved it. I’m impressed at how much easier things are with laser levels. They used one for the initial leveling of the site, too. Using the laser level to demonstrate to the inspector that it met all the criteria for depth and levelness saved a lot of time with measurements.

one of two drainage trenches

one of two drainage trenches

This dig required a large hole for the septic tank, then slightly lower, but on a level, is a trench that contains a half round tube of plastic which receives the flow from the tank. This is a better system than the old gravel filled trenches that were used prior to this. Then at a specified distance is a second back-up trench which will receive any flow when the first trench is full. It is actually unlikely to be needed, since it is a home for one person and I am installing as many water saving items as I can. I have a front-load washer and low-flush toilet. The dishwasher is only 18 inches wide, and only will be run when full. I have to admit I got that size for fitting into the kitchen, but since I have one in my Virginia house, I know how well it saves water.

The holes have now been filled in, with plenty of dirt left to level up the planned patio sites. There is one section of pipe to install after the electrical line is in place, then waste system is done.


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