Two More Inspections Passed

We passed inspection of both electrical and plumbing rough-ins. The crew has been busy with drywall on the bedroom ceiling and walls. Earlier this week they worked on the seams of the drywall on the shell.

The bathroom window is installed and I got a good surprise – I’d forgotten I ordered it with frosted glass on the bottom sash. I won’t have to tack up a sheet until I get a blind for it, frosted glass will be enough for a little while. I figure a blind will help with blocking heat, keeping it inside in winter and outside in summer, plus it will absorb sound echoes in a room with little furnishings like a bathroom.

frosted window

frosted window

More rain Friday and Saturday, then expect it again on Monday and Tuesday. I am so glad the crew has plenty to do inside now. It will soon be time for painting. I plan to use a neutral wall color and accent with blue. I like a couple of gray shades, may put a lighter shade in the bath and medium in the main dome. With white and black cabinets and furniture, that should pull it together. It won’t be as saturated as I like, but it will look very good. We’ve explored a tile store and have dreams of gorgeous (and very expensive) tile baths and back splashes. My kitchen is small enough that it might get a fancy tile. The bath will probably only get a stripe of the glass tiles. My floors throughout will remain concrete, but it will be painted with epoxy paint and have the paint chips for a spot of color. If this holds up well in garages, I figure it should do very well inside a house.

I have a special item, a small spot beside the bathroom is the back of a triangular space behind the kitchen stove and dishwasher, and it will be a broom closet. Below it are wiring and pipes, but it is tall, so handles will fit in all right. A little niche will be more convenient than digging into the coat closet, and it will have a door to hide it.

Broom Closet

Broom closet next to electrical panel


2 responses to “Two More Inspections Passed”

  1. Myrle Diefendorf says :

    Nice! Missed you at the Orchid Show. Saw Sharon.

    • donnaw39 says :

      Thanks. I would like to have attended, but I was in Atlanta to visit IKEA for more furnishings for the new house. It is finally getting close.

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