Next Inspection Time

We have an inspection scheduled on Thursday for the rough-in electrical and plumbing, and framing. Although the outer walls / roof do not require framing, there are the entryways with doors and windows, plus interior walls between bedroom and living, and the two sides of bathroom.

The solar tunnel in the toilet and water heater side of the bathroom is roughly installed – enough to see what kind of light I’ll have in that side without a window. It’ll be so much better than having to turn on a light in the middle of the day. I will have a wall light for nighttime. The shower and laundry side will have a three light fixture over the sink, plus a small chandelier over the center of the room. I found one at IKEA that is LED and all plastic, so it should be a good choice for this room. From there, I also found a small sink, approximately 16 x 16 inches, with a matching tall cabinet 8 x 18 inches with a mirrored door. It should be very good for holding lots of things in a small space, leaving plenty of room for the laundry area against the outside wall. My foreman built a four foot high wall to make the space flat for washer and dryer installation. Because of the curvature of the wall, there is not room for stacking units in this small dome, but there is room for side-by-side. For the present, I will have simple shower stall walls, with plans to tile it later. The window on the end is large, and high enough that I will have a blind from the bottom up and be able to leave a couple feet open for plenty of light and no compromise to privacy. The window does face the road, where enough brush has been cleared to have a good view of the street. We will plant a screening garden.

kitchen - wired and plumbed

kitchen – wired and plumbed

The kitchen has had a small change from the original plan, as my foreman put in an angled wall to meet the side wall as perpendicular. This is where the range and dishwasher will go, as the door needs to open without hitting the wall. In the small triangular space, he has wires and pipes, and at my request, will build a shelf/floor over that and put a small door on the side beside the bathroom door. I will use it for a broom closet. I am utilizing every bit of space. It helps that I have lived in a travel trailer. Those things are jam packed with storage, so I can see lots of usage of corners. There will be about six inches between the wall and range, too small for a cabinet, so I plan to keep a folding step-stool there. A step-stool will be necessary for reaching the top row of cabinets. I am using a double row over the sink base, as there is only 48 inches width, but about 12 feet height, counting the knee wall across the storage loft.


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