French Drains Completed

The French drains and driveway clearing are done, but it is messy. With red clay all over, and dampness to make it sticky, our shoes and tires are gaining weight. It’ll be so much better once spring growth starts and mulch will probably help. Once the dome is completed, there will be little traffic, as I don’t always go out daily, both the permanent driveway to and through the meadow and the place the construction people have been using will have a chance to re-grow grass. I think the driveway next to Sharon’s house will sift the stone to the top, or she may be able to rake off some of the soil on the top. The actual trench was dug between tire tracks but extra dirt was smoothed over all of it. Some plants that had to be moved across the front of the house have been re-planted and soil smoothed to her satisfaction. There are a few days of rain predicted for next week, so we should see a dry basement this time.

French drain around dome is filled and covered

French drain around dome is filled and covered

We are having a couple of really nice days with warmer nights, so the crew is making progress on the bathroom dome. Sharon and I made a fast trip to IKEA on Sunday to get the bathroom sink and cabinets, dining room table and chairs, and some lights. I have spent time assembling the past couple of days.

progress on bathroom dome

progress on bathroom dome – one tier to close the top

There is a pasture along the back edge of the property, and with the leaves down, we’ve been trying to see one of our houses from the next road over, which we travel weekly to haul recycles and trash. We both have spotted the dome now. It sits higher and not quite where we expected. Maybe it just seems more real to see it from another view.


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