Drains Instead of Gutters

The French drains were started on Friday, plus clearing of the driveway to the new cottage. Multiple drains, as we have found with 18 inches of rain since December 1, the basement in Sharon’s place, which is also her stained glass studio, was flooding and too damp for working. As long as Ed was out with his equipment to work on the new place, we had him dig on two sides of the house. The valley of the roof has been pouring water against the foundation and which then leaked inside. The driveway along the porch has been a large puddle, with seepage along the basement wall. That should be prevented now. In addition, Sharon is reclaiming the accumulated topsoil in the driveway when it is replaced with gravel for drainage.

drainage around the dome

drainage around the dome

other side of dome with drainage trench

other side of dome with drainage trench


They were unable to get back on Saturday to fill in the trenches, so we had an empty moat around the dome and walked carefully around the driveway trench. This morning they are working on filling in around the dome: gravel and perforated pipe, then topping with dirt as needed. I do plan to landscape it with about a foot of rock right at the base of the dome, to prevent weeds, maybe bugs, and red clay stains on the side of the house. I’ll see how well it works.

trench in front of Sharon's house

trench in front of Sharon’s house

This afternoon will be filling of the trenches along Sharon’s house, and I need to move the cats into the car to keep them calmer away from the noise. I never thought the car would be a calmer place, as much as they hate it. I am glad the weather will allow me to keep them in the car during my dental appointment later today (repairing a broken tooth). I’d prefer leaving them parked in the yard, but this is necessary.

drainage trench in driveway

drainage trench in driveway


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