Starting the Bathroom

Well, the French drain construction has been delayed as our equipment operator is backed up on a couple other jobs. I’m seeing the problem side of winter construction, even in a milder climate. We had two days of warmer temperatures and nights above 40, so the 5 foot riser walls on the attached dome for bath/laundry have gone up with a first coat of concrete over the wire. Then we had a day of severe storms yesterday, but they shored up the risers and even the  extreme winds caused no problem. The rain was intense, but the water does not puddle for long. For heavy clay soil, we have quite good drainage. Today they have installed the French doors in the bedroom and part of the next tier of panels for the bathroom dome.

patio door to bedroom

patio door to bedroom, bath dome show on left side

I am finally able to really see a size of the bathroom layout and am making some decisions. I already have some items and have plans for the rest, smaller sink and cabinet but an extra unit of shelves that is tall and narrow. This will keep storage vertical instead of on the countertop – I think that is my preference anyway. I found in my other house that counters cleared into drawers pleased me. I like the spare look, even if I don’t always achieve clearing the clutter.

bathroom walls are rising

bathroom walls are rising

There will be a wall dividing the 12 foot dome, about a third is for storage, water heater and toilet. I will have a solar tube for daytime lighting on this side. The larger side also has the washer and dryer along the outside wall, a large window on the end, and the shower and sink along the inside wall. With a window shade attached at the bottom of the window, I can keep privacy and have light on the top couple of feet. Instead of a pocket door between this and the bedroom as I originally hoped, we agreed a bi-fold door will work well and leave enough room for other things. To start, I will have vinyl panels on my shower wall, but plan to tile it when I can. The floor is all concrete, but I will have epoxy paint like commonly used in garages for color and durability. The floor of the shower is just the regular floor with a drain. It will be more handicap accessible without any step-in and will act as emergency overflow catch for the washer.

large bathroom window, bottom is at 30 inches

large bathroom window, bottom is at 30 inches

The temperature in the main dome, with the open bathroom doorway, but some wind block from the new walls, is quite good. I am sure to like my utility bills.


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