More inside and outside views

The crew decided to go ahead with the front door and windows today, in spite of not being able to finish the concrete application on the entryway. They’ll just have to tape plastic over them later. I just HAD to knock on the door when I went out to see it. Later I found Sharon did the same!

Installing front doors and windows

Installing front doors and windows

The bedroom is approximately 11×22, but the outside wall is not straight. It leaves the bed to sit at a diagonal, so space around the end may be tight, with a fair amount on each side. A desk and some cat furniture is what I plan to have there. The nine foot ceiling makes it feel large. It removes space in the storage loft, but living with the higher ceiling should be great. I’m glad we changed from the original plan. I’ll need to buy a new ladder.

In bedroom looking toward bath. Taken from patio door.

In bedroom looking toward bath. Head of the bed will be on the left beyond where ladder is standing. Taken from patio door.

Inside bedroom looking toward patio door. Taken from bathroom entrance.

In bedroom looking toward patio door. Closet on the left. Taken from bathroom entrance.

Tomorrow we are expecting a day of wintry weather, with mostly freezing rain. If it is not bad in the morning, the crew will be out, otherwise will wait for better conditions. They live over 15 miles away, so safety is an important consideration. It should be warming up next week, so we are expecting concrete time for outside work. We also have plans to have the French drain dug around the dome on Monday, completed by Tuesday. Since there are no gutters, this is my plan to divert water away from the foundation. We’ll send it out about 20 feet, in a direction away from the septic system. I think I will plant a small garden over the drain line, anything to help plants grow. With last week’s torrential rains, we decided there should be a French drain around Sharon’s house, too, so she can get back to her stained glass studio in a DRY basement. That will also be done next week. She called to have utility lines marked, and a man from one of the companies asked me ‘What is that in the back yard?’ My dome is causing a lot of curious stares.


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2 responses to “More inside and outside views”

  1. acornnancy says :

    Just imagine the stares and gawking you will get when you start building the bigger dome! The natives will think they are being invaded by pod-people from Mars.

    I love it. Maybe I’d enjoy living in a dome, too. Having experience living for 20 years in an A-frame, I wouldn’t know how to handle a normal house.

  2. Myrle Diefendorf says :

    Looks good. MYrle

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