Inside Work

It has been sunny but quite cold and windy this week. Not much can be done with concrete in such cold. The next big step is to complete the small attached dome for the laundry and bath, but will be waiting for slightly better temperatures. Sharon is frustrated at having sunny days but too cold and windy to do much gardening. At least it seems better than the torrential rains we had all last week. The good news is how warm the dome is with just plastic up in the doorways – I have been counting on decent heating bills.

The inside of the main dome is making progress, support frame is down, and the wall between the bedroom and living space and the ceiling over the bedroom have been framed. It is much easier now to visualize the space and how to place furniture. It reminds me of my times living in a travel trailer (8×24), where the furniture was in the optimal locations and never moved. It was actually fixed in place for travel. In the cottage, I will be able to move things to open space in other areas. For example, I plan to have a dining table that has 2 folding leaves, allowing much better floor space when folded down. That, plus stacking chairs will open floor space when I have no company.

Pictures amid workbenches and tools:

kitchen to the left and dining to the right, at the window in the entryway.

Kitchen to the left and dining to the right, at the window in the entryway. Taken from living room.

Next step for the kitchen is to take the measurements in to Lowe’s for cabinet planning. I know from remodeling my last place that countertops will be measured after the base cabinets are in place. I will have mostly upper cabinets, since appliances take most of what lower space there is.

cozy living room, but very high ceiling.

Cozy living room, but very high ceiling. Taken from kitchen.

The living room is going to be very cozy, but I am still trying for a couch long enough to sleep a guest. I’ve been looking at both day beds and futons, sleeper sofas are too wide.

storage loft

storage loft over bedroom














I am getting excited to finally be living there – soon.


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