Switched States

I am officially a SC resident and have a driver’s license, car tag, and voter registration in my new state. I had to make a trip to Roanoke to retrieve my car title from the safe deposit box, but made it a very fast trip without visiting anyone, just packed another load in the car and headed back. I need to start painting rooms on future visits. I want to concentrate on getting that house for sale, once I settle into the dome cottage. Housing market is improving in both places.

Not a lot of obvious progress on the dome, mostly completing the concrete on the seams and some sanding to smooth it. The crew has put up a layer of foam boards on the entryways, and will be covering them with steel mesh and concrete around the door and window openings. Exterior doors and windows are all on site for installation as convenient.

Bedroom doorway for French doors

Bedroom doorway for French doors

We are having winter rains, the big storm dropping temperatures and snow in the Rockies and Midwest is coming as rain with warmer temps from the south. The crew did find there is a leak in one of the seams, so once the rain stops, a little more concrete will be applied as a patch. At least it is easier to find the problem now with heavy rain.

The interior wall has been started, and the ceiling over the bedroom. It will also be the floor of the storage loft. It is much easier to visualize where to place furniture – but I’m still not sure about having enough space for a bookshelf headboard. The kitchen appliances have all been delivered and Sharon’s house is full.

Additionally, she has taken on fostering a second rescue dog, so we are up to 2 humans, 3 cats, and 4 dogs. A bit loud sometimes, but generally peaceful.


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One response to “Switched States”

  1. Myrle Diefendorf says :

    Good job, Donna. Sharon, you must even up the numbers. I’m sure you need another cat. Myrle

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