As 2012 Ends

Not lots to report, but the crew did work a couple of days this past week. They’d like to be able to place the final 5 panels within the week. For the current row, they have all the panel wire clipped together with c-rings, and a wrap of cable in the seam, plus the first application of cement on the seams.

Main dome is nearly enclosed

Main dome is nearly enclosed

With the setting of the next five panels, the main dome will be enclosed overhead, and they will be starting on the 12 foot diameter dome for the bath/laundry. It is just foam panels, so they will be adding the concrete and wire mesh over the entire structure. They have gotten used to using foam as a connector device now, just a new tool. They will be putting up foam sheets for the 2 entryways, around the window and door framing. The loft over the bedroom, also acting as ceiling, will be going into place, as will the wall between the bedroom and kitchen/living area. The electrician will be running wiring – also a new thing for him to just slice a stripe through the foam and put in wire, spray in more foam to cover it. The only joists to worry about will be in the wall between the rooms.

We’ve had nearly 8 inches of rain within the past 10 days – I am told this is typical winter weather – the rainy season. It has been quite chilly, down to freezing a couple of nights here and there. The wind has been very strong, time to walk the meadow edge with a large trash bag and clean up debris, a lot from the construction. Having lived in the mountains, the wind strength is not greater than I’ve seen fairly regularly, but on the open flatter areas, it feels a lot stronger when it is 25 mph. But I’m retired and have happily stayed indoors for the gusty and rainy stuff. I had only planned to do that for snowy days, but why get so uncomfortable if I don’t have the need? I am seeing more and more pleasure in being retired.


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