Another row of panels

Working on placement of last two panels

Working on placement of last two panels

Today we had lots of action at the dome site. After 2 days with a lot of rain and another day to allow the ground to dry around it, the lift truck was brought in to put another tier of panels in place. Rain predicted again for tomorrow evening, but they should be able to get some of the seams sealed. The panels are foam with concrete and steel mesh outside, which gets clamped together, then concrete is applied to the seams and cover the overlapping steel mesh. A couple of layers of concrete are applied, making it a very strong seam. This is also time-consuming, with application and cure time, it seems to be slow progress if you just take a quick look.

End of day, last panel in place

End of day, last panel in place for this tier

The small dome for the bath/laundry will be another piece-together, no pre-fab. It is smaller foam pieces, so no lift truck will be needed, and only a small entryway section for a window. I hope it goes together fast. The crew really has learned a lot so far.

The windows have been ordered – all 3 are tempered glass, as next to the door is required by state code, and next to the shower seemed like a very good idea. The doors are ordered and waiting pick up, a double French door for the bedroom, and a full length window door for the front. I was able to get blinds within the French doors, good to prevent damage as animals poke noses through to the view, should be well worth the cost. I also have a solar tube for the bathroom – I guess it is usually called a water closet – as the toilet and water heater are in a separate room from the rest, without any window. Also plan lots of shelves there, and probably at least one cat litter box.

Inside Sharon’s house, we have much improved relations among the animals. Her current rescue is starting to interact more with her 2 dogs, and actually played for a few minutes. This is really a big deal so soon – Zack and Shakti really help socializing the foster dogs. They have had a few nose sniffs with my cat Buster. He has no fear of them as long as he is on his side of the baby gate across the hall. He even lay on the floor and rolled around in front of Zack. I’m sure it frustrates Zack not to have the cat run when he charges the gate, but he is also very curious now. I don’t expect to lose the gate, but I am glad for this much acceptance.



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One response to “Another row of panels”

  1. Myrle Diefendorf says :

    Nice little igloo! It will be fun to landscape, maybe with some little round boxwoods, and some pointy tall accents. Myrle D

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