Progress, but not highly visible

Okay, back to the blog – sorry I have not been writing lately. Since the last posting, the crew has been working on cementing the joints and constructing the entryways. There is one in the living room and one in the bedroom, and they were not as pre-fab as the rest of the dome, lots of foam pieces to fit together, then apply wire and concrete. There is also a trough along the front edge to prevent rain drips. Since there is no roof line for a gutter, I plan to put a French drain all around the house to catch run-off, and hopefully the gravel will discourage weeds too close to the building. I have fought honeysuckle, crown vetch, poison ivy, and English ivy at my other house. I don’t want a vine-covered cottage, as it can really damage the exterior.

front with drain trough

Front entryway with trough construction – can see the framed doorway and windows at dining area.

This week they expect to work on the next tier of triangle pre-fab pieces. These will make a complete circle around the dome, just higher than the entryways, and it will seem like a lot more is happening. After that, only 5 pieces to enclose the top. We have had some heavy rain and cold days. It’ll be good to have the place enclosed for them. Of course, the bathroom/laundry dome has not been started, but it is smaller and more easily handled on the ground.

view of concreted entryways from beyond bathroom dome site

I am busy making decisions about finishes and furniture. I have ordered some large appliances and a bed, doors and windows. I have about decided on the bathroom, liked a smallish sink and cabinet at IKEA, with matching tall mirrored cabinet. Lots of storage in a compact space. The shower is probably going to be a floor drain with a curtain around it. I like the idea of a place for emergency washer overflow, besides a wheel-chair accessible shower. The floor will be concrete, as I have planned throughout the building, with epoxy paint making it a pretty and easily maintained finish. I have tentatively decided on the living room and dining room furniture, but kitchen cabinets may be the last item so I can have exact measurements. I think lighting may be the hardest choice, but I am making the round of lighting departments and taking pictures.



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