Starting on the Next Tier

Lifting panel into place

Lifting panel into place

The place is filling in nicely. Our electrician brought over his boom truck to lift panels (it is just high enough for the 22 foot cottage). In this first picture, it shows how they were lifting and gently lowering into position. They placed the triangle panels above the 3 risers, and the inverted panels on each side, leaving the two entryway openings because they require special fitting. Everything is wired into place tonight and weather is supposed to be very good for a couple more days. Tomorrow the crew will be back to apply the concrete at the seams, then it can cure until about Wednesday before more panels go up. These panels weigh about 135 pounds, so the concrete needs to be fully ready before the next level goes on top. In the second picture, all of today’s panels are visible, including the notched out sections going around the doorway between the bedroom and bathroom.

Panels placed today

Panels placed today

If you look at the top of the support structure, you can see the tree in honor of completing that, like they do on high-rises. In our case, we even have lights and some decoration because it is the season. Sharon and I had gone window-shopping at IKEA in Atlanta on Thursday (for ideas, not merchandise, yet) and came back after dark to find the dome had a lighted tree. Nice!



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