Support Is Up

This shows the full size of the future cottage. The wooden support is the size of the interior, with the foam and concrete slabs resting on them until the seams are cured. The bathroom/laundry room will be in the smaller dome, which has not had any pieces set into place yet. It feels larger inside than it is, with the very tall ceilings in the living room/kitchen section. The bedroom will have a ceiling with storage above on the loft. The dome will be about 18 feet tall.


2 responses to “Support Is Up”

  1. Denise M. Carlin says :

    WOW!!! This is very awesome! How exciting! The work is really coming along well. I can’t wait to see it in person.

  2. Myrle Diefendorf says :

    The aliens have finally landed. It’s going well!

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