The Support Structure

After a holiday weekend with questions pending for our next construction move, we got answers and started back on progress. Our technical contact at the dome company was able to tell what we needed to change by photos I sent, and we are only a little off on what we should have done, not a hard fix.

beginning of temporary support structure

We also got more complete instructions on putting up the wooden support structure that goes inside while the concrete and foam panels are attached in place. Once the concrete cures on the entire dome, the support can be removed and we’ll have one big room inside. As shown, we are working with a set of hubs and 2x4s, working up to the top. Now that I see the first row of support in place, I realize it is going to be taller than I was thinking after we got the riser panels in place. Very tall ceiling in the living room/kitchen.

one row done on support

Rain tomorrow, taking a break, but expect to complete the support the next day. We should have some first row panels in place by the end of the week.


One response to “The Support Structure”

  1. Charlotte Jermyn says :

    This is so exciting! And I am so happy for you all to be following your dreams.
    Love, Charlotte

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