Slowly Adding

walls are growing together,

Not a lot of change, as we are still missing a member of the crew to illness and our weather has been relatively cool and windy, hard on the lungs. We have also run into a couple of questions about putting the kit together on this first row – not too serious, and we are keeping in touch with the company about it. It does cause some delays. The entryways are starting to go together, but questions are keeping us cautious.

On the first row, the 5 foot tall sections are on three sides, with 3 entryway sections: one for front door and windows, one for French door off bedroom, and one is the entry to the bathroom/laundry, which will be worked after the main dome is done.

We are hoping to visit another dome in NC, to let our foreman see details. For something this different from his past experience, looking at another should help him see the direction he needs to go.

One wet and cold day was spent putting insulation under the front half of Sharon’s house. We think it has helped with the heat pump running less. We’ll be more comfortable as winter settles in. It has been nice to be able to have the crew work on other things as filler work.


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