Starting to Take Shape

We are now gaining vertical dimensions! It is exciting to see walls starting. In this cottage, there are 5 foot high risers before the dome triangles start to slope to the center. This allows more usable floor space at the edges. There are 3 large panels, in the picture you can see the kitchen and living room are up, with the crew working on the bedroom panel. In between will be the entryways. In these will be the locally purchased doors and windows (cheaper than custom and shipped from the dome company – they design it for savings this way). It will be more work for the construction crew, but mostly standard framing for this. They will be applying the steel mesh and concrete around the doors and windows, over the foam pieces. Once the first panels are up and set, there will be a wooden framework built to temporarily hold the structure as each tier is placed and mortared and allowed to cure. Once it is done, no interior walls are load bearing.

Cottage is starting

As seen in the next picture, we are getting supplies ready to mix the mortar, lots of sand and some of the cement we’ll need.

sand and cement



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  1. Teresa Miller says :

    Looking good

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