Chilly and Slow Week

I spent most of a week back in Roanoke, voted, packed winter clothes and more things I need, and met with someone who might move into the guest bedroom this winter. So, I also spent time de-cluttering and cleaning. I ended leaving late afternoon and driving back in the dark. The big advantage I found was lack of traffic, even few big trucks on I-81 for a change.

October snow from Sandy – I-26 in TN

On my way up to Roanoke, I drove I-26 through NC and TN, spotted a lot of the snow that came with Hurricane Sandy. It was plowed and only at the highest elevations, but I still got a white chemical film on my car. I think my car gets washed more in winter than in summer.

Unfortunately, my construction crew has had a bout of serious illness, including pneumonia. It has allowed the slab to fully cure, and they should be ready to start the shell on Monday. It looks like we might be getting a young woman to work on it – she needs the job and the crew needs a fourth worker for the shell. It is good to help someone who we expect to be a good worker.

Next step is the dome

The big project in Sharon’s house is flea abatement – some rode home with the dogs a few weeks ago and have spread to the cats, too. We are trying various things, and researching online to find the best solution. At least the furry beasts are the only targets, no humans seem to have been bitten. This weekend is the next round of washing, sweeping, treating, and hoping for an end. We did read that fleas easily overwinter outdoors and that they live a lot longer than we realized, so the dog yard will be treated beyond waiting for a freeze.


One response to “Chilly and Slow Week”

  1. Myrle Diefendorf says :

    Very exciting footprint. I’m glad your trip went well, Donna. Can’t wait to see the dome go up. Myrle D

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