Never Smooth Going

You know how old houses always bring surprises during renovations? We found the yard can, too. With all the large trucks we’ve had to the build site, one crushed the top of an old cistern, and now there is a 2 foot diameter opening, with about 6×6 x5 deep concrete block hole. Even though we’d like to have a rainwater cistern, this is not in a safe place for the construction people, and it probably doesn’t hold water any longer. A load of crushed stone will be delivered tomorrow to fill it.

road hazard

The current schedule is to have the slab preparation ready for inspection on Wednesday, have the cement poured on Thursday and a professional to smooth the surface. So far we’ve had decent weather, but it has chilled this week. We are hoping the storms with hurricane Sandy and the fronts coming from the west will be kind and allow us to get the slab done this week.

I need to head back to check on my other house and vote, pack up more stuff. I think I have found someone to stay in the house this winter, so I won’t need to worry about winter weather travels. She has retired and is selling her condo in another city and needs to start looking in Roanoke, so it will benefit both of us. Great coincidence on timing.


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