Footers are now setting up

Cement truck for footers

The footers have been poured and the next step after the cement cures is to prepare for the full slab. We’ll have a regular concrete person for this, to get a nice smooth floor. My plan is to have concrete floors for my cottage, probably using epoxy paint like many use on garage floors. I know it will be cooler in the summer, and winter doesn’t last as long, so I will see how it goes this year.

finishing on footers

We got enough extra cement to pour beside the front corner of Sharon’s house – it collects water when there is a heavy rain, eventually seeping into the basement. We hope this will help prevent some of the moisture by sloping it away to the driveway. There is a gentle slope from the road to the house, and enough from the gutters cause problems that a future French drain should solve.

A little excitement at bedtime last night – we are on a busy road that runs directly to I-85 and we get a lot of speeding, in spite of some hills and curves. Someone in a pickup must have dropped wheels off the edge of the road nearly across the street, and ended on its side just past the front yard. It was a loud thumping, but apparently no severe injuries, as things were cleaned up in a hurry and the fire department left when they knew they were not needed. I’m realizing we were lucky that some of Sharon’s garden was not damaged.

We have a new tool.
Doug found a great deal on a small used mortar mixer, which we will need to put up the shell of the dome. Things are falling into place.


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