Inspection Time

Well, yesterday the crew ran the electric line from Sharon’s house to the cottage work site. I played hooky from all activity, as I had a chiropractor appointment in the morning, then Sharon and I met friends for lunch – my birthday, and I did pretty well on food choice by going for pita sandwiches at a Mediterranean restaurant. Chocolate later, but I limited myself!

We are having a glorious week with highs in upper 70s and no rain. Leaves all around are looking good – I love Autumn.

In two weeks I will be back in Virginia to vote and do a little more packing, still need heavier clothing and as much as I can fit into the car. I am still not crowded in the guest room, so time to bring more stuff.

ready for footer inspection

Today a load of stone has been ordered for the foundation. We are also ready for our first inspection (tomorrow) prior to the pour of the footers. The crew is now building a form for any extra concrete to be used at a low spot at the front of the existing house – tends to leak into the basement. We hope this will handle the problem as a side benefit of the new construction.


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