Both the plumber and electrician who are subcontracted on the cottage were here today. The plumbing crew jumped right in and fixed up the bathroom for the pipes needed in the concrete slab. The kitchen pipes will run through the wall, so have nothing to show now.

bathroom plumbing for foundation

The water line has great pressure after the long distance it travels from the main line. It will be enough to furnish a second home at a future date, and might even handle more. Of course all would be on the same meter, but we could work it out, this is a retirement community of friends, after all.

We have been waiting to hear from the electric company supervisor about what was needed for temporary service during construction, but since discussing it with the electrician, we are changing the plan. Instead, we will run a line from the breaker box in Sharon’s house for the construction period. After that, we will get the electrical line permanently installed to the cottage. It will save money on the cost of the temporary meter and work needed for that, and the electrician approves. He is interested in the idea of a dome, and I am glad to have someone ready to try something different. Not everyone I’ve spoken with is ready for something non-standard. I am happy to have my crew.


2 responses to “Utilities”

  1. Betty says :

    Far behind in reading your updates but know that I’m trying to keep up. Exciting stuff! Busy weekend but will try and call you next week.

  2. Nancy in Iowa says :

    Just wished you a happy birthday on Facebook – what a delightful year you are having, full of adventure and major goal work. Keep up the good work!!!

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