Some Red Tape, of course

Another bit of red tape to untangle – getting the temporary electrical power to the site. The supervisor should be in touch with me on Monday, and I hope we understand each other before the day is out. Government people seem to forget some of us have not been involved in a build and need a bit more instructions as to the next step. I am ready to learn and comply with their rules, but I also need them to understand where the houses will be located and where we want the power line to run (preferably underground if not an outrageous cost).

At least the water is nearly ready. We have had such chilly mornings, the glue has not set as well as hoped, so testing and re-sealing as needed over the 500 feet. It is 2 inch pipe to maintain pressure, but that is not very flexible and comes in shorter lengths.

As you can see in the picture, the crew has the site ready for the concrete contractor to review and approve the footers. We believe we have the electrician and plumber lined up, so things should be moving along now. At least until the next problem.

View from back patio, south side

The picture is a view from the back patio, where the French doors will open into the bedroom. It will be a nice private area away from other houses and just down the hill from the road. Sharon plans to plant screening plants all along the property line on that side, too.


2 responses to “Some Red Tape, of course”

  1. Myrle Diefendorf says :

    Good job. There are real reasons for these regulations and permits. BUT they do create long drawn out delays. It is a work in progress and every little step is one step closer to your exciting new IGLOO. Myrle

    • donnaw39 says :

      Yes, I like the safety of the regulations, but my frustration was with each separate department giving me insufficient information for me to facilitate the next step. It left all of us waiting for each other until I started asking about the delay. I am just going back to my programmer habits and pulling out the tiny details when I talk to people. I’ll know next time.

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