Back to Work

This week the crew is back to full strength. My foreman and his son are both healthy and the third member of their crew is back from another job he had taken on for a short time. They have been working on some fixes for Sharon in her stained glass workshop in the basement, plus a plumbing problem, and putting in 480 feet of two-inch pipe from the meter to the cottage. That is a long trench. We will also have three field faucets along it for gardens or any other outside need. Sharon has been fighting with only one exterior faucet and will find this so much more convenient.

By next week we should be working on the slab foundation. Then our first inspection and we can pour the cement. I was originally worried about the heat affecting the concrete cure, but we have had such a cool spell, that I don’t expect to have summertime heat again. Leaves are starting to turn and fall – autumn has arrived and we want to take some short trips to the mountains.


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One response to “Back to Work”

  1. Myrle Diefendorf says :

    How exciting. Isn’t it fun to see a project like this come to fruition. I can’t wait til next spring to see what you girls have done, and all the flowers, etc., are bursting forth. How’s that for poetic? My knee joint totally gave out and I can. o longer walk on my rt. leg. I am scheduled for a joint replacement in November so my stuff is all sitting outside waiting for Jack Frost. It’s the pits.

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