More Delay

Well, I was not meant to make rapid progress on the cottage. Since I picked up the permit, my foreman and his son have both been ill, and it has rained hard on the site. If you have walked across wet red clay, you understand. If not, think of your shoes as growing an inch all around and at least tripling in weight. That stuff just stains when dry, but clings when wet. I have not walked across it when really puddled, but it might suck shoes off then. And it is raining hard for a couple of days now. It will be easier once the foundation slab is done. It is a good thing I am not fretting about this, Sharon and I have found fitting a same-age roommate into our lives for a while is working very well. (Her experience with a young boarder was interesting and better than I would have hoped, but a major change for a retired person). The dogs and cats are co-existing on opposite sides of the baby gate across the hall, but will be happier when in separate buildings.

Both of us are trying to be good influences on each other’s eating habits. We are losing weight and trying to make our food choices of more healthy items. We are finding a retirement pension does prevent us from too many dinners out, but a splurge once in a while and taking part home for another day or two is good. One of my sisters is going through a fitness program and has spent 3 weeks on a dietary cleanse to remove sugar and caffeine from her diet before going on to physical training. She has also found some tasty and healthy foods to add to her regular plan. Since I found I am a stress-eater (especially chocolate), I have hoped retirement would make that easier.

Retirement is a time of an awful lot of change, but I have planned for it, and I do believe it is for the best long-term.

current view of Sharon’s house and front garden


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One response to “More Delay”

  1. Terri Mendonca says :

    Retirement is life at a slower pace. Enjoy the healthy eating changes and please feel free to share.

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