Landscape changes, site progress

site with footers dug

We had our equipment operator out to do some work while the weather is good (heavy rains Tuesday). While here, he dug trenches for the footers under the slab, and helped open up the meadow by clearing the edges where Sharon has been spraying the encroaching weeds. We now have it cleared where we want to put the driveway, and about 10 to 15 feet beyond the edge of mowed grass. We regained a lot of usable acreage, but more to go. Sharon also got some concrete curbing moved to allow access for the lawn mower to another tier of the yard. If Sharon weren’t in class this week, she’d be out spraying a little further for the next round. We had a good laugh when she admitted she wanted to do that.

probable driveway before clearing

probable driveway after clearing















We are seeing the solution to our problems with getting the permit. It has been a difficult period trying to find general contractors who are interested and relatively near budget, who have come with a friend’s recommendation, or is someone my foreman has worked with in the past. We are back to my acting as owner builder, with my foreman and his crew getting the specific skills licenses. It is still delayed until they have them, but it appears to be the best solution. I have always planned to be on site during the construction, even though I am not able to do the work, I am extremely curious. My biggest disappointment is now losing the window of opportunity to use the skills of the dome specialist to help us most efficiently erect the shell of the dome. My foreman is confident he can figure most of it from the extensive construction manual, and we can always ask questions of American Ingenuity Domes, but it will take longer. I do like having someone with a lot of experience and willingness to think outside of a box-shaped home.


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One response to “Landscape changes, site progress”

  1. Charlotte Jermyn says :

    Thank you all for letting us share in this exciting experience, with the pictures and descriptions. When all is said and done and the dome home is completed, y’all could have a second career as building consultants!

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