I walked inside my new house

At least I walked in the dirt and knew exactly where it would go.

Doug has put up stakes and string in preparation for the dig, setup, and pour of the foundation slab. He was only 1/4 inch off the perimeter, and the manual says 2 inches is tolerable. Very good work.

It is really cool that I was able to really see how much space I’d have in each room. I can see how tight everything will be, but I am planning to have storage in as much furniture as possible, double duty is essential in a small space. Twice before I have had a travel trailer as a home, and those were 8 ft wide (exterior) and less than 20 feet long. I learned where a lot of space could be found. This is more than twice the size of those trailers, but half the size of the main floor where I live now, I can adapt. I am not bringing furniture from the other house, will stage it for sale with the furniture and use that in a later dome that will be larger.

String layout of dome

If you click the picture, you might be able can see in it where I added purple Xs in the entry – living room – kitchen – dining area at the left side. To the right are blue Xs for bedroom and a patio door. At the right front is the small dome with green X which will be the bath and laundry. The foundation pour will be to the outside of the white string, and the slab will cover it all.


One response to “I walked inside my new house”

  1. Charlotte Jermyn says :

    This is sooooo exciting!!! I am so impressed with all the skills you are bringing to bear on this project and rejoice for you that it is well under way! You are very generous to keep us up to date.

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