Progress on Landscape

We are expecting to make a decision on a general contractor by end of this week, so glad to reach this. The land has been leveled at the site of the cottage, and it was fun to watch. Sharon and I have spent a good length of time in techie professions and enjoy seeing new toys. Of course the Bobcat with a blade was not entirely new, but we both would have loved a chance to do a little driving. We were well-behaved and did not ask. They also had a great electronic level with a laser.

Level Site

Other parts of the landscape were moved – Sharon has been using Roundup all around the edge of the meadow, and has about 10 feet or so of the weeds killed back, but because much had brambles, we are having them clear with machinery instead of by punctured hand. There is a section of lawn right behind the house that has deep ridges, so they spread some of the extra dirt there. Mowing that area will be much less unpleasant, Sharon has bounced high enough to have the switch kill the engine.

Edge Clearing

Other work yet to be done once we pick up the permit, and we will get to watch a small shovel dig the footings for the slab foundation. There is a bit of concrete curbing between two levels of yard that have made it impossible to get the riding mower onto one, and those will be moved, too. A couple of trees that came down this past year will also be moved. Power equipment is good!

This evening we also added to our mixed family. It is now 3 cats and 3 dogs, as Sharon picked up another rescue mini schnauzer. So far the cats have not met him, but he does fine with cats. He is smaller than most and is a little thin from previous situation, but a very friendly little guy. We’ll get a picture later.


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