Bringing in the Cats

Sharon brought the old truck back to Seneca last weekend, and I had some business to handle in Roanoke on Tuesday, so brought the cats to Seneca on Wednesday. Interesting trip, as the tranquilizers did not entirely knock them out. Buster was named Filibuster for his loud and constant complaint about riding in a car when I first got him. This trip he was not too loud, but complained long enough that his voice was still a little scratchy two days later. It was a long trip, but we are settling into the front room in Sharon’s house. The dogs are a bit too loud and excited when they see the cats, at least for Kinsey and Leo, but Buster has sniffed noses a few times with Shakti through the baby gate. We expected it would take a while. They are just happy to have my presence to snuggle against at night. I think that’s what they miss the most when I have travelled. The location is something they can get accustomed to. Kinsey is treating Leo better than ever – she never liked him – and I hope they will continue to get along in the cottage. I guess the dogs are making them band together.

We are working on a routine to let the cats become comfortable in the dogs’ home. In the mornings when Sharon is out gardening, she keeps the dogs outside and I let the cats out to explore. So far, one evening after the dogs fell asleep, the cats have been out again, but sometimes they are just fur lumps who want to sleep. At least the cats have the respect or fear to stay out of the way of the dogs, and out of sight means the dogs don’t make loud noises. There is some progress.

I like taking the route between Roanoke and Seneca that runs on I-26 between I-81 in TN as far as Hendersonville in NC. The interstate is not as crowded as I-85 and the scenery is wonderful. It is as beautiful as the turnpike in WV, but not as long. The grasses along the NC section are so graceful now, with the seed heads blowing in the traffic breeze and continuing to spread seeds to naturalize along the highway. I would like some grasses around Soul’s Ease.

I’m still looking for a general contractor, but have 2 or 3 strong possibilities now pending. I would sure like to get things started on the slab foundation next week.

The location for the water meter has been marked. We talked with the foreman for a while Thursday, making plans for the water line and power line. He had some good suggestions – nice to have someone with so much practical experience.


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