Road Trip

This has been a very busy week. I drove to SC, stopped in at the Building Codes office and found the restrictions for owner/builder to be onerous, so plan B is to find a general contractor. I understand the reasons, but it has caused a rapid change.

Sharon and I left her dogs with a dog-owner friend, drove to FL on Friday and stayed with friends in DeLand. Went to Rockledge Saturday to tour the American Ingenuity geodesic dome offices and home. It was a very informative and pleasant meeting. (Pictures below) We learned a lot of details about the construction of the panels and assembly of the kit. Dinner out with our friends and back on Sunday before the rain started. We were a little concerned about Hurricane Isaac.

We have been spending time trying to figure a way to have a general contractor whose work is a known quality, but being new to the county, this has meant emailing friends for recommendations. We also have a problem of time limitations, having the dome consultant available only between Sept 29 and October 11. The slab foundation has to be ready for traffic by then.

The kit has been loaded on the flat-bed semi and is en route, to be delivered tomorrow morning.

The next item on the schedule is to have Sharon ride back to Virginia with me, turn around and drive my pickup back to SC the next day. We are switching ownership to her, and getting rid of her current truck. A money-saving plan for us, to have just 2 vehicles for our 2 households. The snag here has been to find a pet sitter again so soon, but we are interviewing someone who would also be a cat sitter in the future.

Truck leaving the factory

Even doghouses can match

Storage loft – my cottage will have a small loft.





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