Busy Times

Things have heated up, and I have been scrambling to be ready. I had planned to go to a family gathering in mid-September, then get started on the foundation slab for the dome. I had thought the temperature in SC might be better for the concrete to cure in October. That is beside the point now – I had to hire the dome specialist during the one window he had until the end of the year, and that starts at the end of September. So I am soon moving temporarily into Sharon’s house until the dome is ready. We will have to start the slab work right after Labor Day. My contracting supervisor is experienced in working with concrete, so I am sure we will make it, but I have to get my stuff together in a hurry.

Next week, we are taking a road trip to Rockledge FL to visit American Ingenuity Domes, then a few days after return, the kit will be delivered and we need to unload it. I’m really looking forward to this. Then a quick trip back to VA to pack more stuff and my cats. That is one trip I am not looking forward to making. I may have cats without voices by the end of a 6 hour drive. One of them, Buster, got his full name Filibuster when I brought him home from the house where he was born. He yelled constantly until he fell asleep, then started again when he woke. Now all three cats yell on a short trip to the vet. I’ve had cat valium recommended. We will see what happens.

I have sent off checks for the remainder due on the dome kit, and a retainer for the specialist. He will be there for about 11 days, which should give us a good education and help us avoid the pitfalls he ran into on his first dome. This will be great when I am ready to build the next dome.

The shortened time before I start construction is disappointing in one sense: I have a list of people to visit and sort of say good-bye to. I have been working hard to convert all of my online email addresses to a new one, and I have a lot more than I realized. I don’t get so much spam as I thought! The people I will see later as I come back for checking on the Virginia house and doing more packing. I now realize I am not great for multi-tasking on really big projects, so this is forcing me to concentrate on the new build, leaving the fix-up and staging for later. It’ll happen when I get to it.

One obstacle Sharon and I are focusing on is our fur-kids. We are going to merge 3 cats and 2 dogs for a couple months. At least the cats do not have front claws and the dogs are good with company. Zack is a service dog for visitations and has been exposed to a number of different pet species. They will be well supervised at first, until we make sure of good behavior.

My retirement is getting very busy.

Zack and Shakti

Kinsey in a very calm moment


Leo and Buster cuddled on the radiator


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