Checking off Tasks

The septic system permit arrived in the mail today! Via email, I received a new house number from the E-911 Address Department. Another couple of tasks checked off the list! I also have to have someone from the state approve the driveway encroachment since it is a state maintained road, have tracked down the right person and spoken to her on the phone. I don’t believe any change is going to be needed, as I will use the existing driveway.

I have received verbal approval for the building permit, next need to pay the fee and pick up the permit. The dome kit will ship at the end of August. It will be stored for another month before we have a slab ready for it.

I have sent an email to contact the dome specialist, to see about hiring him as instructor/supervisor to erect the dome shell later this fall. I plan to be present for whole construction, so will act as my own contractor, but have a right-hand man who will have the experience and knowledge I do not have (yet?). Not that I want to do this regularly, but I am a knowledge sponge. Aging and injuries will not allow me to climb all over, but I will help where I can, even if it means keeping out of the way.


Other recent knowledge: I also found the pension situation is more complicated than I realized. I will actually be drawing from 3 sources. I spent many years under Social Security, and just retired from a major railroad (as a computer programmer), so will draw from the Railroad Retirement Board and some from the railroad employer, too. I had not understood that I needed to apply separately for SSA, but if I wait until my next birthday this fall, I get less decrease for early retirement. The railroad sources will sort out their calculations after I apply. They may not pool information, making me run around finding out what has to be done, but they will figure the amount out later. Government agencies eventually catch up, but we’ll see about the initial efficiency. I expect my first pension check at the beginning of September.


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