Well-Loved Homes

I love seeing the pictures from the history of Sharon’s house. I own a house built in 1940 in Roanoke and I’m only the second owner. I purchased from an estate, so have no history, but I am sure not much had changed since it was built. I have done some changing. I overhauled the bathroom and took the space of 2 closets to increase the bath, It feels wonderful. The bedroom now has a closet the entire width of the room beside the door, acting like an entry, so the closet is not so noticeably carved into the room. I used free-standing style furniture for a sink and vanity and have a matching linen closet in the large hallway to replace the one the bathroom took. In addition, I added a small closet in the other bedroom, with a window seat all along the back wall. You can never have too much storage. I live in a neighborhood of small homes, so the bedrooms are not expected to be huge, I think the closet space will win buyers over.

The kitchen had very little cupboard or counter space, so I had the room gutted and rearranged. I now have a wall of pantry and there was room enough for an 18 inch wide dishwasher beside the sink. With a small island that hides trash and recycle cans, I have more counter space, too.

When the bath was remodelled, I had rough-in plumbing installed for a basement bathroom, which I plan to have completed soon. I will not be completely finishing the basement, but I do plan to paint all of it.

The landscaping needs so much work. It has been hard to just maintain, as tired as I have been after work. I never completed transforming it from lawn and sparse lawn to a mowing-free yard, so I will sow grass seed and get a standard look to it. The front is a steep hill and needs me to complete the terracing that I started. The year I broke my leg was the year crown vetch nearly conquered the yard. I have been battling since and had to go to a very strong herbicide, but am beating back honeysuckle, too. These things are all introduced via birds and should not be in an urban yard. I look forward to our more casual meadow at Soul’s Ease.

I am getting started with some of this now, along with some packing. Although I don’t expect to be into the new cottage for a few months, I will be staying a Sharon’s house for the construction and can’t leave all preparation for sale until later. Bittersweet, I have loved this house and wished I could have completed all plans for it, but it is not my future, so I have to let go. (I’m not unhappy to leave the snow behind).

House in Roanoke




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