Progress on Permits

Things are moving along. The health department inspector was out to the site to do the perc test and it passed. The permit for the septic system will be mailed to me.

The plans have been given the engineer’s seal and passed along to the county building codes department. They have never dealt with a geodesic dome before, but I received a call that they have approved them, so my chosen contractor will need to present his license and pick up the permit. They want to come see the dome once it is completed. I am going to have to be visitor ready at all times!

I have spoken to someone about getting a new house number assigned, and she emailed me a copy of the form. I sometimes wonder what we did before email made cross-state inquiries so much easier.

I will have to contact the state, who maintains the road out front, about an encroachment permit. Since there is already a driveway, that should not be a problem. I plan to extend the driveway straight back, then curve it to the center of the property. It is kite-shaped, with nearly 3 acres behind the existing house, and well over an acre of open meadow. There are a lot of trees and weeds creeping in from the edges, but we will work on that as needed.

view toward future home from front of cottage


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