Getting Acquainted

Sharon has been living in the existing house on Soul’s Ease for a year now. She has met some very nice people in the neighborhood. We are on a major road 15 miles from the interstate, and less than 2 miles into Seneca. Many of the neighbors are related and were related to the people who lived there before Sharon. She has put so much hard work into the landscape transformation and it has been noticed. She also had some work done on the house to improve the flow, and those who remember it have noted that, too.

Small Southern communities can be so welcoming. My parents discovered that when they retired to a small town in Virginia, and I am glad to see that in my new neighborhood. I have found it hard to put time into meeting neighbors when I work full-time and more, plus have a house and yard to maintain. I do look forward to having more time to socialize.

We are chuckling over what people will be saying about us when the geodesic dome goes up. It is outstandingly different, but when they see the inside, I think they will be surprised at the space and normal look. We will probably hold an open house after it is completed, to let everyone see what we are doing, and to talk up what a great deal domes can be: safety in weather and low on utility costs. In my mind, perfect for a retiree.

example of cottage

Cottage site


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