Some Progress

Still clearing a week after the windstorm

As you can see in this example, the crews are still working very hard over a week after the windstorm to clear trees, branches, and restore power. Things are calmer around here – everyone in Roanoke is expected to have power back by some time this weekend. It took almost a full day with air conditioning to reduce the inside temperature in my house to a normal range a little under 80 degrees. I have long known about thermal mass, but did not realize how much walls and furniture held it when not even in direct sunlight. Interesting experiment that I do not wish to retest.

more damage

Things are moving along now for getting approvals for construction of my cottage. I have sent off the form to request a septic system permit from the Oconee County Health Dept. One more bit of info, a copy of the plat, is being sent to them. The final building plans have been sent to the engineer for a seal of approval before heading to the county Building Codes Dept. I will start in August, after I am retired, to set up things for construction – the first item after a general contractor (I have someone in mind) will be the slab and all the pipes and things which have to go in place first. I also need to get in touch with the utility companies and my insurance company to see what I need to do for all of them. This is quite a learning experience.

My dome kit will be delivered in August after I have my permits. I don’t expect to get the slab poured until Sept, probably after my family get-together. There is a lot involved in what goes under the concrete, not to be rushed. I have a lot to learn.


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