Things we take for granted

I am very happy today, not necessarily for the holiday, but for the return of power.

I was one of the unfortunates who lost power on the hottest day in almost 30 years, with the 87 mph wind that preceded a thunderstorm on Friday evening. It has been difficult to cope, but by adjusting windows and blinds to protect from sun and hot breezes, I was able to stay in my home for the almost 5 days. I do have a cooler basement, but it was getting pretty stuffy, and required a flashlight at any time of day. I did a lot of reading and napping. At least I had water and a gas water heater. Friends on wells really had it bad.

I think my favorite thing, beyond air conditioning, is to be able to run my washer and no more clothing rinsed in the sink. Getting back online feels good, too.

People have been so chatty everywhere I go – fast food restaurants (who had power) on Saturday had very long lines, but what a nice thing to actually talk to people around you. No one was obnoxiously impatient. Yesterday I was at the hospital for some tests/procedures prior to retirement and everyone was talking about their or friends’ or relatives’ situations. Best of all, the sense of humor is intact.

This goes into the planning of the future home, how to handle emergencies in both hot and cold weather.


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