As time is running down before retirement, I am feeling a sense of loss already – I have lived in Roanoke for half of my life and feel very established. I have people I will miss from work, and other friends outside of work. I will have to start over with professional people in a new city, which can be daunting, but I am already getting good recommendations from friends in my new city. I have lost a few of my professional contacts lately, one retired, one passed away, one had a family need and moved across country. Life is a constant change, and before I settled here, I had made a number of moves between states. I learned to look ahead in anticipation instead of back with any regrets. I can keep memories, and it is not too far to travel back for visits.

I do plan to take a lot more pictures before I leave. This is a beautiful little city just off the Blue Ridge Parkway, and I need more shots of the variety of seasons. I have been taking pictures of the new place lately, neglecting the old one. Both deserve equal time.

I spoke to one of the owners of AI Domes today, clarifying details for the Energy Report they are completing for my new dome. That really got me excited about moving, my mind would not concentrate on much else. My plans are moving ahead. Life is good.

View from cottage east across meadow

This will be the view from the front of my cottage, toward the site of my future larger home – it’s a big place.


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