I have long been a fan of recycling whatever I can. I don’t know who might be familiar with the concept of Freecycling – it is an online group ( ) that tries to keep things out of the landfill. We join a local group and advertise items that we no longer want, being honest if things are no longer functioning. I have been able to get rid of things that people advertised they wanted, and I had forgotten I had. I friend convinced me to sign up after she told of rapidly getting rid of a bag of dryer lint she had been saving for making paper. You never know what people may need.

I am not a yard sale person, so this appeals to me, no cost and little time spent on it. I don’t feel the time I would spend on a yard sale is worth any money I would make. This is a way to pass along things someone wants and you do not. Examples: old screen doors that had been replaced, an old clothesline pole, plastic cat litter buckets are very popular, books, furniture, coupons, even scrap metal.

I plan to start going through my house and getting rid of a lot of things I no longer use, via Freecycle. Since I plan to move to a new state, there is no reason to keep a lot of things I will not use. Retirement means a big change of lifestyle, too. Although I have been working in a business casual office, there are things I will no longer be using and will pass along.

I have already been going through my books – I come from a family of readers – but a discussion among friends made me realize I would not be re-reading very many, so why keep them? I passed many mysteries to my sisters and will be Freecycling other books. I will keep some for a guest pass-along library in the future.

I do have a couple of current hobbies for which I keep stashes for future work – knitting and beading. I keep hoping I will use more, but am not ready to unload any of it now. These are still potential projects. I also expect to add to this, as I have been promising myself when I retire I can take time to learn to spin yarn. It fascinates me.

I found that having a place for an item makes me put it away when done. I am neater if I plan ahead this way. Moving into a small cottage, I will have to plan for extra storage wherever I can find it – under the bed drawers, well-organized closets, tucked into the laundry room, and I could put up an out-building to hold odds and ends that I have not given away.

Large outbuilding already on the property, but we’ll need more.


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