Orchard Plans

I am disappointed, my current favorite apple is Jazz, and I found there are no sources for a tree. It was developed in New Zealand as a cross between a Gala and a Braeburn. It is juicy, has great flavor, and is firm enough to keep a long time. But apparently it is too new to be available for home orchards. I have always liked McIntosh, but they do not keep long. I guess I will try planting Fuji, as I do like those.

My plan was to plant two apple trees, two peach for early and late ripening, one or two sweet cherry, and at least half a dozen blueberry bushes.

I am not a big fan of apricots or plums, but one of each tree, and the harvest could be traded or passed along. One fruit I want to try is a pawpaw. even though I’ve lived in the South for 35 years, I have not run across one. It might be another addition to our orchard if I like it.

I will have to see if I can get a raised bed for strawberries, do not want to harvest from ground level. As much as I like kiwi and understand it is not hard to grow the vines, I think I am developing an allergy to it, so am afraid to try that. There are blackberries on the property, but we may pass on those and plant red raspberries. They are not so heavily seeded.

When my parents retired to SW Virginia, the property had lots of blackberries. We only tried one time to harvest and found the place was loaded with chiggers. That was a miserable discovery, and discouraged us from further attempts.

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