Combining Resources

One thing we’ve been discussing about Soul’s Ease, and probably started with the original bunch of us, is pooling resources. Once we had thought it would be a good start to find an old elementary school with a cafeteria and an auditorium. It could be turned into condos and we could have communal meals down the hall. The auditorium could be used to hold functions, a source of income. Two of the group were experienced party organizers, so it was a solid idea. No school was found and as I said, our circumstances changed over time.

We talked about combining libraries and music and movie media, but even that is changing fast. eReaders and DVRs, even Netflix has easy access and no need to take space storing video tapes or dvds. We still need a good entertainment center.

We do plan to combine tools – both Sharon and I had fathers who worked with their hands and taught us about tools. We are keeping a list and making sure we don’t duplicate power tools.

We still hope to combine many meals. Neither of us likes to cook for one, plus we both want to improve our diets, so we will work on it. I don’t expect we will become gourmet cooks, but just developing healthy habits is good. I have hopes of having a decent vegetable garden one day, and Sharon hopes to acquire a taste for more vegetables. She has admitted to being averse to green stuff.

Combining our automotive needs is in the plan, as long as we have 2 vehicles, we are okay, and now we have 3 between us, so downsizing will save. We are considering renting a car for any road trips, to save wear on our own. I read a recent article about studies showing that was cost-effective in the long run. It will help to use the same medical providers and schedule visits so we can carpool.

We will do bulk purchases and split things. We would like to set up a wi-fi on the property, if that could save us money. There is an old well on the property, although we are on a city waterline, and if we could get it restarted, it would make a good source to irrigate gardens. It is sad during droughts to see your hard work fade.

We are looking at many ways to maintain a comfortable but not lavish lifestyle. Having company to help is great, and we will do a lot together, but having a home to retreat alone is a good back-up to remaining friends.

Here’s another project Sharon is doing to gain privacy from a neighboring house, a screening hedge along the lot line.

Sharon’s boarder, Andrew, planting wax myrtles along the driveway


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